Review: Nothing Compares to the Duke (The Duke’s Den #3) by Christy Carlyle

43700452Title: Nothing Compares to the Duke (The Duke’s Den #3)

Author: Christy Carlyle

Publisher: Avon Romance

Publication Date: May 26, 2020

Genre: Historical, Romance

Format: eBook, Print

Length: 368 Pages

Rating: 2.5 Stars rounded Up




Christy Carlyle concludes her Duke’s Den series with this sparkling romance about two reluctant allies intent on following the rules and breaking every single one.

His Only Regret…

Rhys Forester, the new Duke of Claremont, lives his life by four words: Enjoy All, Regret Nothing. He’s devoted to the pleasure of his wild soirees, reckless behavior, and shocking the ton with his interests in trade. The debts that come with his title don’t fit the carefree lifestyle he’s created, and when he’s forced to return to his family’s estate, he’s also forced to confront his one and only regret: the beautiful girl he left behind.

May Be Falling in Love…

Arabella Prescott has been the belle of more balls than she cares to remember. After three seasons and five rejected proposals, she’s done with the marriage mart. Bella’s hopes to live a comfortable life, alone, come crashing down when her parents demand she marry. But her salvation may come in the form of the man she hates the most.

Bella has never forgiven Rhys for what he did to her, but desperate times call for fake engagements. With a few dozen rules, their scheme begins, but it’s not long before the former enemies find themselves breaking every single rule, including the most important of them all: don’t fall in love…


♦ Personal Thought ♦


Rhys Forester had intrigued me from the first time his character appeared on the series and I was reaaally keen on his story. It turned out to be …not wholly satisfying? I suspected the opening chapter would be the major blow that broken years long friendship. But what transpired just had me gobsmacked. Don’t get me wrong, it’s shitty of Rhys to do what he did, but Arabella struck me as spoiled and nagging brat of a young lady. And to have that one incident (only) erasing years long familiarity. I mean, really??

While Rhys’ backstory was actually interesting, I felt like it wasn’t fully told and revealed to give this book justice. His relationship with his father that becoming (almost) non existing in his adult life wasn’t much explored. I also thought as someone who was supposedly known him best Bella was quick to judge him after her wish wasn’t being reciprocated. 

So yeah, it’s safe to say I wasn’t too impressed with the heroine. She suffered others’ expectations of her station but she did the same in her dealing with her erstwhile best friend. And I was also disappointed that Rhys’ relationship with his partners in the Duke’s Den wasn’t particularly close given the plot of this installment. Color me naive, I just wish the more involving brotherhood than was shown here. 

Worry not, it’s a given that these former best mates found their way together – it’s not a spoiler, it’s what expected. But I wasn’t very excited with the way the story went. All in all, NOTHING COMPARES TO THE DUKE was a cute enough read with undeliverable potential. It riddled with loopholes that – were they filled – would whack more impact to the story. 


Copy of the book is kindly given by the author/publisher via Edelweiss + in exchange for an honest review.