Review: Wolf Under Fire (STAT: Special Threat Assessment Team #1) by Paige Tyler

48840424Title: Wolf Under Fire (STAT: Special Threat Assessment Team #1)

Author: Paige Tyler

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Publication Date: May 26, 2020

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romantic Suspense

Format: eBook, Print

Length: 320 Pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars



For the cases no one else can solve, they send in the Special Threat Assessment Team

Supernatural creatures are no longer keeping their existence secret from humans, causing panic around the globe. To investigate, monitor, and―when necessary―take down dangerous supernatural offenders, an international task force was established: The Special Threat Assessment Team.

STAT agent Jestina Ridley is in London with her team investigating a suspicious kidnapping. Over her radio, Jes hears her teammates being savagely attacked. She runs to help, but she’s too late. The only survivor, Jes calls for backup and gets former Navy SEAL and alpha werewolf Jake Huang and his new pack. Convinced that the creature who butchered her teammates was a werewolf, Jes doesn’t trust them. But if they’re going to uncover the facts and make it back home alive, she’ll need Jake’s help. And with everything on the line, Jes will have to accept Jake for who he is, or lose the partner she never expected to find..

♦ Personal Thought ♦


Introducing STAT (or Special Threat Assessment Team), the spin-off to Tyler’s SWAT series that goes international the Mission Impossible way. How cool was that! The first entry to the series, WOLF UNDER FIRE hit the right notes on the action flick aspect. It practically started at a run and didn’t pull any punches on casualties suffered by the good side. Of course, this to be expected as the the blurb mentioned (and any werewolf were familiar with) the tragedy that started it all. 

As the pilot (to the new series), this book introduced the team assembled and some of them were names we met on SWAT books. The leader of the pack was the ex SEAL first appeared on “Wolf Instinct” that had the werewolves met other paranormal creatures while the Omega had been one of the baddies on “In the Company of Wolves” who was turning a new leaf – those who haven’t are encouraged to check-out SWAT backlist first before diving into this book. 

True to its vision as the MI of SWAT world, the story had the pack hoping countries hunting the bad guys while trying to solve the puzzle what was it they were after. It was an action-packed, bloodshed, somewhat frustrating yet entertaining adventures following these band of humans and paranormals with their assorted flair and capability. Although after having the team one step behind over three fourth of the book, I really wish the conclusion was being tweaked and twisted more for the final oomph than shown here. 

Of course there were romantic element to the story that involved member of the team or – in werewolves case – “the One.” As intriguing and sizzling this romantic portion was, it wasn’t what drew me most. It was the motley crew that attracted me the most, the initial prejudice and resentment of the individuals involved as they gradually becoming one of the pack. It’s fun! And I actually look forward to the next installment of the series, hoping a certain loner Omega would get a chance at being happy… 😉


Copy of this book is kindly given by the author/publisher via Edelweiss + in exchange for an honest review.