Review: Hallelujah by Kim Fielding & F.E. Feeley Jr.

50613349._sy475_Title: Hallelujah

Author: Kim Fielding & F.E. Feeley Jr.

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: March 31, 2020

Genre: Horror, Paranormal, MM Romance

Format: eBook

Length:  374 Pages

Rating: 3.5 



Can you hear it?

Whispering in the dark.

Secrets only the dark knows.

Joseph Moore, choir director for the First Baptist Church of Lenora, Nebraska, has secrets of his own. Terrible, lonely secrets. One that involves natural human desire. One that calls forth powers he cannot begin to understand. Both with the potential to destroy him and those he loves.

Now the world is changing. The darkness, the shadows, the ghosts, are closing in—and Joseph and his lover, Kevin, are being stalked by a merciless demon, hell-bent on possession.

Can you hear it now?

There in the dark.

It’s whispering your name.


♦ Personal Thought ♦


This two part novel spanned two time period: 1991 and 2019. I was into a few early chapters of this book before it dawn on me that 1991 was a whooping 29 years ago – which made this a somewhat historical slash alternate world paranormal story. Frankly, I was a bit timid and undecided when it’s said HALLELUJAH is a horror story. It was not THAT scary though. I mean, if this scaredy reader could finish (reading) without having any nightmare, anyone can! 😆

HALLELUJAH centered on the life of Joseph Moore, a closeted choir director for his hometown church in Nebraska. After a few years away from Lenora, the small-town’s life and expectation, not to mention his ability to see ghosts, weighed on Joseph. It didn’t help when he got attracted to the older brother of one of his choir member. But Kevin Shoenberner turned out to be Joseph’s light in his currently bleak life and his only ally when a merciless dark force threatened them. It took a while for help to come for them and even then, Joseph might have to make difficult choices to come up trumps!

Kudos to Kim Fielding and FE Feeley Jr for co-writing this book. I have read Fielding’s books before but a newbie to Feeley’s writing, so I could’t say who wrote which in this sinister and too real world Joseph and his gang lived in. Through multiple POVs (Jacob’s and a few supporting characters) the war of good VS bad illustrated with a twist and turn – some of them had me gobsmacked when a particular incident delivered unexpected results (I wasn’t prepared by how Part I ended!). The little sexy times Joseph had acted as distractions to the overall gloom and doom atmosphere throughout the pages. Neither authors pulled any punches in what fate befell our hero and honestly I wasn’t that thrilled over some of the decisions our protagonists made. Yet, in the grand scheme of things, the overall vibes was acceptable – there were casualties in war no matter how hard the good side wished otherwise. Reading this in a difficult situation we’re currently in (what’s with the global corona pandemic and its effects) might not be the best of time. Just bear in mind, at least in this book, the good guys would win in the end.


Copy of this book is kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest review.