Review: The Five-Year Plan by Carla Burgess

50721513Title: The Five-Year Plan

Author: Carla Burgess

Publisher: HQ Digital

Publication Date: March 20, 2020

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Format: eBook

Length:  328 Pages



Orla is a trainee reporter with a five-year plan: work her way up the career ladder, move to London and secure a job on a big national newspaper. She doesn’t want a boyfriend, he’s only going to hold her back anyway. Aiden spends his life travelling the world and living in a tent. He knows his goal: to photograph animals and raise awareness of global warming and wildlife conservation. He’s definitely not looking for a relationship past the odd casual hook-up! So when Orla and Aiden’s lives collide, they do everything to not fall for each other – with the opposite effect. But they stick to their plans, and go their separate ways…Five years later, they meet again.

♦ Personal Thought ♦

THE FIVE-YEAR PLAN is nice but not really memorable story of easy friendships blossomed between two strangers. It is a first-person, present tense, single POV; told from one Orla Kennedy who struck me as an insipid character. Consequently, it diluted the promising scenario altogether for me. 

The book started at present before going back revealing how Orla first met Aiden and the unlikely friendship developing between them. I actually enjoyed the back and forth between them where Aiden introducing Orla to things she’d not usually find interesting. Only, she was so darned clueless even this reader got frustrated before long into the story. Yes, there abound romcom wherein the main player(s) are oblivious and said cluelessness are stuff of hilarity that boost the story. But when the story was delivered from the oblivious person’s POV …it became a nightmare! I was afraid I blew a vessel over the exasperation I had throughout reading. 

Just to clarify, it all went well. This slow burn romantic comedy had our heroine win her love of her life in the end, amidst encounters with a bunch of interesting characters along the way. But oh how I wish for Aiden’s insight being included in it. It might improve the story for me. Maybe. 


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