Review: The Road Home by L.A. Witt

51188205._sy475_Title: The Road Home

Author: L.A. Witt

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: March 3, 2020

Genre: Contemporary, MM Romance

Format: eBook, Print

Length:  302 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars



David Coleman has made some mistakes, and he’ll be living with the consequences for the rest of his life. He’s made decisions that have left him estranged from his once tight knit family. Even now, when David is clean and sober and working his way through medical school with a promising future ahead, his parents refuse to forgive or forget.

When he gets some grim news about his father, David realizes he’s running out of time to make amends. As he comes home for the holidays and his sister’s wedding, he knows it’s going to be tense, but he’s desperate to prove they’re wrong about him. And since they won’t take his word for it, he’s bringing reinforcements.

Hunter Scott will do anything for his childhood best friend, but he never thought that would include posing as his boyfriend. Except David’s family has always respected Hunter. Maybe if they see that David is good enough for Hunter to love, they’ll realize he’s good enough for them too.

But as Hunter and David lean on each other through snowstorms, family drama, and visits from personal demons, maybe this relationship isn’t as much of a performance as it was meant to be.

CW: Recovering addict struggling on-page, references to meth use, combat PTSD, discussions of suicide


♦ Personal Thought ♦

Take note of the content warning on the blurb before diving into the pages. This is another of LA Witt’s leaky-eyed, onion-vapor romance that had me sniffling and emotionally wrecked (I’m such a water pot these days)!! 

THE ROAD HOME followed the journey of David and Hunter, childhood best friends turned lovers turned (back to) best friends and be there for each other through good and bad – especially BAD – times. Second chance romance that took years and lots of tears to reconcile. It was a sweet, poignant, and cracking love story that spanned beyond romance between two consenting adults but also rethinking the meaning of family. 

Told in a alternate dual POVs between David and Hunter, the slow pacing plot revealed each men’s personal demon, their grapple in dealing with it and in accepting help from others. THE ROAD HOME wrecked it for me! I just couldn’t help but rooting for the guys and emotionally triggered for the wrong they experienced at the hand of their supposedly nearest and dearest! I could almost feel the nuanced vibe shifting between David and Hunter, the awkward result of suppressed feeling and yearning. In true Witt fashion, the author didn’t hold back from hung the characters to dry emotionally, I could feel David’s pain and Hunter’s anger alongside. 

Packed with delicate and intricate issues, THE ROAD HOME is a reflective read that force (me) to look back and rethink my own outlook and perspective toward these issues. Deep, huh. It’s not all heavy duty stuff though, the sizzling romance was woven into the story though not as much as you might expect from a Witt’s work. But I think this is one of Witt’s best contemporary romance – it’s draining, but totally worth the emotional upheaval. 


Copy of this book is kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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