Review: Flash of Fear (Power of Lightning #1) by Asa Maria Bradley

45714310Title: Flash of Fear (Power of Lightning #1)

Author: Asa Maria Bradley

Publisher: Kaering LLC

Publication Date: May 9, 2019

Genre: Romance, Urban Fantasy

Format: eBook, Print

Length:  314 Pages

Rating: 3+ Stars



Lightning gave her powers, but she paid a steep price.

Forensic artist Molly Nyland survived a freak lightning strike as a child that marked her skin with Lichtenberg figures and gave her the ability to tell when what people describe doesn’t match what they actually witnessed. This truth she can never share, because if her abilities are exposed, the criminals she has helped put away could go free.

Assigned to a brutal murder case, she is shocked to discover that her new partner is Desmond Rankin, the detective she briefly hooked up with five years ago. And to her dismay, the sexual tension between them still sparks hot and heavy.

Des has his own mysteries, which involves the details of the bad drug bust that killed his former partner. He moved to Prairie Falls for a fresh start. The last thing he needs is being distracted by the forensic artist who could solve his case and thereby resurrect his career. But how is he supposed to resist the woman he’s never forgotten?

As Molly and Des struggle to keep their secrets, more bodies are discovered and it’s clear that the town is dealing with its first serial killer. To find the perpetrator before another life is lost, Molly must stretch the limits of her powers, not only to save her town, but to actually stay alive.


♦ Personal Thought ♦

The first time I read Asa Maria Bradley’s book was the “Viking Warriors” series. Her writing clicked with me – especially her “Viking Warrior Rebel” – that I jumped at the chance of reading her new AU paranormal story. As the introduction to the “Power of Lightning” trilogy, FLASH OF FEAR set the groundwork of the world building and presented a blend of interesting characters. 

Molly Nyland survived a freak lightning strike as a child and the following abuse (in the name of devil riddance) from her family, to be a successful designer slash forensic artist for the police. Still, the abuse left her scarred and kept people at arm’s length. Desmond Raskin struggled with mystery that caused his former partner killed in a peculiar way. The job transfer to Prairie Falls PD was meant to be a fresh start as well following lead left by his dead partner. When he met the forensic artist he had had unforgettable hook up with on his first case, it was a combustion waiting to happen. 

In the ballpark, the storyline sounded like something you’ve read before. Having read Bradley’s books before, I’m confident she got quite some twist here and there – and I was not disappointed!! The first half of the book was mainly focusing on Molly and her rare ability, before the bogeyman and all interesting characters started to come crawling out of the woodwork. While I haven’t got full picture on the world building yet (there were wolf/man, full wolfman, wolf hunter, wise man, etc etc) I think I got the handle of it enough. Here’s hoping the next two installments would give clearer illustration of it (for me) to understand. 

Mystery wise, it was somewhat obvious from the start whom to suspect (I mean, there’s no evidence to file away, but please!! oblivious much to clues thrown here and there??). Molly often struck me as naive and too goodie two shoes, considering she had special gift with intuition. Granted, she might haven’t commanded her full power yet, but I just went GAH!!! whenever she decided to do something out of sheer stubbornness, like the famous ”I’ll be in and out in no time at all.” As soon as she said that, I just KNEW something was about to happen. 

Another thing, the story didn’t much delved on the police work so there’s not much glory to be had for Des, other than his prowess in seducing Molly it seemed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the sizzling romance between him and Molly. But I wish he could back up his ability of his protective streak other than using words and grinned his way out of trouble!! 

As the first entry to the trilogy, this FLASH OF FEAR is quite an engaging story (you could tell from my rants above how invested I was to the story), but overall felt slightly unrefined. But I’m still looking forward to the sequels and hoping my reading experience will much improve from this time. 


Copy of this book is kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest review.


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