ARC Review: Double or Nothing by Cari Z. & L.A. Witt

40381063Title: Double or Nothing

Author: Cari Z. & L.A. Witt

Publisher: Self-published

Publication Date: August 7, 2018

Genre: MM Romance, Romantic Suspense

Format: eBook

Length: 77,000 Words

Rating: 4 Stars



Rich Cody joined the U.S. Marshals to hunt down bad guys, not babysit witnesses. Orders are orders, though, and now he’s protecting a hacker with ties to the Albanian and Sicilian mobs. It’s just another exciting day in WITSEC.

Leotrim Nicolosi was born into a world of crime and bloodshed. When that bloodshed hits too close to home, taking down Leo’s boyfriend—the son of a notorious mob boss—Leo is determined to destroy the Grimaldi family. He’s got evidence that will send every last Grimaldi to prison, he’s got the family’s wealth in an electronic chokehold, and he’s got a vendetta that can only be settled with the blood of the man who killed his lover.

When a routine transfer to a safehouse goes horribly wrong, Rich and Leo narrowly escape with their lives. With the Marshals compromised and Leo being framed for murder, he and Rich are on the run from criminals and law enforcement alike. They have no one to trust except each other, and nowhere to go that their enemies can’t reach.

And the only way out might mean making a deal with the Devil.


♦ Personal Thought ♦

”I’m scared too, okay? I’m scared shitless. But we have to just go in and get the job done. We can think about being scared later.”

“So, if we don’t die, we can stop and be scared later?”


“That’s not much of an incentive not to die.”

What a fleet-footed, action-packed, and adrenaline-rush drama this book is! But first thing first. I thought this book was gonna be a standalone, so imagine my surprise (and glee) when it turns out Rich and Leo are going to have a sequel. So, yays to that. Wait until you find out what this guys had went through, though. “Double or Nothing” is a new collaboration between L.A. Witt and Cari Z. after the success of “Bad Behavior”series. If you’ve read that series and remember the angst, pain, turmoil, and blood the MCs shed throughout the story, you’ve certainly been prepared for this.

Double or Nothing” started up on a seemingly opening pages. Don’t let that fool you though, it was practically the calm before the storm because as soon as Rich and Leo clapped eyes on each other, the story took off at a run – in every sense of the word. As I’ve come to expect from these duo, Z-Witt (that’s a cool nickname, eh :p) didn’t pull any punches. Frankly, reading Rich and Leo’s adventure triggered helpless distrust to all and any characters in the book – all the more when the characters in question were not exactly kosher civilian themselves – and exhausted as if I joined in their running all over across the states.

Despite thinking some elements of the book as quite obvious (and I’m surprised the guys didn’t guess it already) I was much entertained by this book. The alternate POVs between Rich and Leo spoke their distinct personalities that more once help alleviate one another’s issue when the need arise. Unlike the MCs in their previous collaboration, Rich and Leo weren’t actually portrayed as the best in their respected “field.” But together they formed a formidable unit, and all the while being very human in the way their fear and vulnerability exposed.

Romance-wise, this was a mild heat-o-meter for Z-Witt combo in the way there was not much steamy scenes between the two unlikely allies. I’m not saying there aren’t any, but I hope what they had would tide readers over until the sequel released. As there were still many unsettled issues in this book anyway – I very much wanted the mole or the enemy within being disclosed – I hope the next book would address them along with Rich’s and Leo’s romantic affair. I can’t wait!!!


Advanced copy of this book kindly given by the authors in exchange for an honest review.