Review: An Unsuitable Heir (Sins of the Cities #3) by K.J. Charles

cover117871-mediumTitle: An Unsuitable Heir (Sins of the Cities #3)

Author: K.J. Charles

Publisher: Loveswept, Random House Publishing

Publication Date: October 3, 2017

Genre: Historical, MM Romance

Format: eBook

Length: 246 pages

Rating: 4 Stars



A private detective finds passion, danger, and the love of a lifetime when he hunts down a lost earl in Victorian London.

On the trail of an aristocrat’s secret son, enquiry agent Mark Braglewicz finds his quarry in a music hall, performing as a trapeze artist with his twin sister. Graceful, beautiful, elusive, and strong, Pen Starling is like nobody Mark’s ever met—and everything he’s ever wanted. But the long-haired acrobat has an earldom and a fortune to claim.

Pen doesn’t want to live as any sort of man, least of all a nobleman. The thought of being wealthy, titled, and always in the public eye is horrifying. He likes his life now—his days on the trapeze, his nights with Mark. And he won’t be pushed into taking a title that would destroy his soul.

But there’s a killer stalking London’s foggy streets, and more lives than just Pen’s are at risk. Mark decides he must force the reluctant heir from music hall to manor house, to save Pen’s neck. Betrayed by the one man he thought he could trust, Pen never wants to see his lover again. But when the killer comes after him, Pen must find a way to forgive—or he might not live long enough for Mark to make amends.

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♦ Personal Thought ♦

An Unsuitable Heir concludes the “Sins of the Cities” trilogy with a vivid and compelling story that it’s easily my favorite entry in the series! The intrigues and subterfuges going on put Mark and Pen in an off-center situation; sort of damn-if-you-do-damn-if-you-don’t choices.

Part of what engrossed me here are the presentation of characters. Pen is a gender-fluid individual that – if not for his physique – might cause (more) trouble for him. It takes special person to accept him as he is and for years, his twin sister has been the only one for him. Until Mark, who doesn’t see his one-armed state as a handicapped. Such strong characters this story has!

As well-known of K.J. Charles’ works, the liaison between Mark and Pen is explicitly passionate yet sweet in the way they responding to one another. Pen’s fluidity is expressed beautifully (which personally also give me clearer understanding on the definition) and the ease with which this pair work around what they have (three hands instead of four) is just wonderful. The alternate POVs between them allow readers into their mind and what they feel for one another. On top of that, the respect this pair shows, such as making sure of the other’s consent before submitting to their want and need, makes their relationship that more special.

But theirs is not the only enjoyable characters to find in this book. Pen’s twin and other recurring characters also give added flesh to the story. Considering all hands on deck to solve the conundrum (as in murders) that plaguing this series since “An Unseen Attraction”, the Jack and Knave gang play significant role in unraveling it. The icing of the cake is the twist for the conclusion of the story. In a way, I kinda expect it though I love how the author did it.

Parts of the timeline in this book coincides with those in An Unnatural Vice; one of the reason I dread a certain scene that set a bit of bump between the MCs. Privately, I rather wish there’s some sort of groveling or talking-it-through scenes before the couple get back together. But – as I mentioned earlier, this being my favorite book of the trilogy – altogether this is a brilliantly woven tale that gives everybody involves their desired HEA.


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