ARC Review: Barrel Proof (Agents Irish and Whiskey #3) by Layla Reyne

barrel proofTitle: Barrel Proof (Agents Irish and Whiskey #3)

Author: Layla Reyne

Publisher: Carina Press

Publication Date: August 7, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, MM Romance

Format: eBook

Length: ~189 pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars rounded Up



FBI agents Aidan “Irish” Talley and Jameson “Whiskey” Walker can’t get a moment’s peace. Their hunt for the terrorist Renaud seems to be nearing an end, until a fire allows him to slip through their fingers—and puts Jamie’s life in danger. When Jamie is nearly killed, Aidan learns how many forms loss can take.

Aidan says I love you just moments before learning that Jamie’s been keeping a devastating secret about Aidan’s late husband. How quickly trust and love can go up in flames. When Aidan requests a solo undercover assignment, Jamie hopes Aidan will find a way to forgive him.

But the explosions are far from over. Aidan’s cover lands him in the heart of the terrorist’s conspiracy, and Jamie will have to put his life, his career and his freedom on the line to save the man who has become his entire world. Partners, always is a promise he intends to keep.

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♦ Personal Thought ♦

As a closure to the trilogy, this entry did carried out the task nicely. The opening chapter didn’t particularly sit well with me though. I got that the second book ended with a cliffhanger, that this book picked up straight away from there. Personally, considering the few months separating the time for me to read Cask Strength to this one, the jolting start was not a comfortable experience.

Another bummer was the man scorned turned into villain part. I mean, I get that he was a prick in the previous book too, but the jump into the total baddie was a bit over the top.

That saying, I’m quite chuffed with the culmination of everything. The needing space despite the mutual suffering both MCs felt; yet taking necessary step at crucial time. I kinda heavily lean on Jamie’s side this time, considering the-heaven-and-earth-he-moved to piece together the whole thing. On Aidan/Jamie’s romance front this installment is paving way for new beginning to them, after the ups and downs they went through in the trilogy. Although, quite a lot of interest I have in this entry lay on Cam and Nic, and curious about what the future might bring them. In fact, I wish the upcoming spin-off would be on either one or both of them (heavily doused with winks to give proper hinting shove to the author here).

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