Book Review: Different Dynamics by Tamir Drake

35214969Title: Different Dynamics

Author: Tamir Drake

Publisher: NineStar Press

Publication Date: June 26, 2017

Genre: Erotica, Sport Romance

Format: eBook

Length: ~19,300 words

Rating: 2 Stars



Richard doesn’t mind being an omega; all he cares about is playing good hockey, even though it means ignoring the media that tries to rip him apart for it. They don’t think omegas should be allowed on the ice, but he gets along fine. He’s team captain. He can play with the best of them.

The one sticking point is his heats; Richard might be on suppressants, but he’s one of the unlucky ones who still gets a heat every four months or so. They suck to deal with, especially alone, but seeking out a heat partner isn’t an option. The PR nightmare alone keeps him from any kind of hook-up. He can’t risk it. Hockey is all he’s got.

When Richard’s heat comes early while his team is on a roadie, teammate and best friend James helps him out of a bad situation. Tired of hurting, Richard decides it’s better not to go it alone. And James is safe and warm; he’s a great alpha who knows just what Richard needs. When Richard also imprints on big, bad rival player, Dmitry Sokolov? There’s sweet comfort in a three-way with lots of knotting and dirty talk.

Richard might be on cloud nine.


♦ Personal Thought ♦

I admit to be a bit confused about this novella. Heck, I’m a lot confused, to be precise! Given the blurb, I was expecting a paranormal story such as an omega shifter or something. But, I don’t know, perhaps I’m just not too familiar with A/B/O stories. The story was set in AU America, that much I grasped, but no mention of paranormal setting whatsoever.

That an Omega could be a captain of a hockey team filled with Alphas was not something that I expected (I thought Alpha supposed to be a leader? Huh). It would be interesting had this aspect been more explored. Alas, I seemed to miss the background of the story. It kinda started at a run and left too many clues behind for me to follow.

In fact, to me it felt like a snippet of a more complete story. A hot and steamy snippet, with the amount of sexual activities between characters spread across the pages. Just like the opening, the ending didn’t feel conclusive and sort of just …hanging there.

I couldn’t say whether Richard, James or Dmitry were likable enough characters as I didn’t get to know them enough other than their prowess in dealing with the heat situation. Clearly, this is not a favorable introduction to a new-to-me author, but it’s an interesting experience to say the least.


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