ARC Review: Hidden Hearts (Lovestruck Librarians #6) by Olivia Dade

cover111226-mediumTitle: Hidden Hearts (Lovestruck Librarians #6)

Author: Olivia Dade

Publisher: Lyrical Shine, Kensington Books

Expected Publication Date: June 20, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Format: eBook, Print

Length: ~234 pages

Rating: 4 Stars




Mary Higgs could be the poster girl for the buttoned-up librarian. She follows the rules. Stays ʼtil closing. Her kindness and dedication to her patrons is legendary. But those patrons have no idea what she’s typing to the mysterious shut-in who emailed the library needing a library card three months ago . . .

When the elusive Miles O’Connor shows up, he’s no invalid. A year ago, he was the gleaming, ab-sational star of the small screen. Then came the accident. Now he’s a wounded recluse with a pizza habit and fears so unshakable that only the thought of losing Mary to an online date could lure him out of his cabin.

Soon their email rapport has turned into weekends on the couch, watching tearjerkers and driving each other insane with red-hot makeout sessions. But as the desire grows and their horizons expand, the life that brought them together might not be enough for either of them . . .

“Love is never out of reach for the librarians of the Nice County Library System . . . Sarah’s charm and humor are perfectly suited to a beach read.” —Publishers Weekly on Ready to Fall


♦ Personal Thought ♦

Hidden Hearts is genuinely nothing like I expected! Like the previous installments of Olivia Dade‘s Lovestruck Librarians series, it was funny and filled with jocular innuendos (after all, the (heroes and) heroines from previous books returned as supporting characters here. Yet, there’s an added humongous issue involving Mary and Miles which involved mental-related subject. Even so, the author still managed to spin humorous and lighthearted tale; Olivia Dade is fast becoming another favorite author of mine!

I noticed Battlefield library’s recluse customer and The Naked Carpenter mentioned on Driven to Distraction, the previous entry to the series. However, at that time I didn’t realize they were one and the same! Miles O’Connor ran from California to Maryland and be a hermit after a freak accident that changed his life. He (virtually) met and got to know Mary when applied for library membership. The comfort they felt toward one another slowly built up from friendship to more, until something from Miles’s old life caught up with them.

Now, I wouldn’t expect it from a recluse but Miles was one charming guy. Still wary from the burden he kept inside, but he’s funny, not afraid to shed a few tears from watching tear-jerker movies (blame Mary, he just followed along), and very considerate to her feeling. He’s a perfect boyfriend material! Yet his inner struggle, resentment and guilt-ridden was real and heartbreaking. Understandably so. Those feelings were so transparent it gutted me to read the whole thing.

Mary was having similar issue with self-confidence. In a way, I could relate to her fear and struggle, as the issue was something that – in various levels – easily found in real life. It might look shallow and trivial; but this matter is real and exist in present’s world. I loved that the author brought up this issue and laid it bare without seemingly preached about it.

The pairing of (physically) imperfect characters – as in not having flawless and model bods – was a plus for me. That they went through process to figure out their course in life, not rushing with the whole “I love you so of course we will be together,” anted up another point. And in the usual Olivia Dade‘s fashion, I was entertained in a very attractive way: the witty back and forth, the dirty and hilarious innuendos… Heck. Even the steamy scenes got their fair share of bantering jokes! It’s also great that the author introduced another interracial pairing in the series not in an in-your-face manner.

In short, Hidden Hearts delivered touching subjects in the story with subtle and lighthearted tone, with a couple of imperfect hero and heroine at the helm. It’s a story any readers could easily relate to!


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