Book Review: Mai Tais and Murder by J.C. Long

MaiTaisandMurder-f500Title: Mai Tais and Murder

Author: J.C. Long

Publisher: NineStar Press

Publication Date: June 12, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, MM Romance, Mystery

Format: eBook

Length: 53,000 words

Rating: 3 Stars 



Gabe Maxfield never wanted to be a detective or a policeman or anything of the sort. The closest he wanted to come to the law was writing legal briefs and doing research for a big-shot law firm. Nice and safe, and without all the stress. No unanswered questions, just well-defined legal precedents.

When he moves to Hawaii in the wake of a disastrous breakup and betrayal by an ex, a murder investigation is the last thing he expects to get wrapped up in, but he can’t help himself when a dead body, a hunky cop, and his best friend get involved.

So much for sipping Mai Tais on the beach and admiring the well-tanned bodies around him.


♦ Personal Thought ♦

I seem to fill the first half of the year reading new to me author’s works. What drew me to J.C. Long‘s Mai Tais and Murder was the blurb, though I admit to not know what to expect as I had zero clue on the author’s style. It turned out to be not too bad.

Mai Tais and Murder is a sort of cozy mystery which starred paralegal Gabe Maxfield who moved from Seattle to Hawaii to start a new life. Little did he know said life involved dead bodies and being attacked by deadly masked man. That saying, this is not a heavy procedural mystery with jaded detectives whatsoever. There’s a grouchy supporting character, though they served to amuse rather than aggravate me as the reader. The mystery itself was pretty predictable, though the somewhat loose end gave an air of further sequel to expect in the future.

Little background thrown in, I found it easy to like Gabe – symphatize with his series of woes, more like – even if I often thought his gullibility exasperating. The story being narrated by him also gave insight into his thoughts and feeling. However, the telling (from Gabe’s POV) made a pretty one-sided feel to the whole enchilada. That, plus the attraction between Gabe and Maka – the HPD detective – seemed too rushed. Still, I liked that the author didn’t press the relationship to commitment stage by the end of the story. Then again, as I mentioned earlier, this could be due to the likely prospect of a sequel to Gabe’s tale. We’ll see. 🙂

Advanced copy of this book is kindly provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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