ARC Review: Fraud Twice Felt (The Oddities, #2) by J.T. Hall

cover112534-mediumTitle: Fraud Twice Felt (The Oddities, #2)

Author: J.T. Hall

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Expected Publishing Date: May 29, 2017

Genre: Paranormal, MM Romance

Format: eBook, Print

Length: ~368 pages / ~97,500 words

Rating: 3.75 Stars 



Three weeks after solving his old boyfriend’s murder, bounty hunter Derwin Bryant is trying to let go of the past and embrace his new life with Elliot Leed, a former rentboy and fellow Oddity. Elliot, meanwhile, is trying to adjust to working at Bob’s Bail Bonds and having a real relationship despite his strange power of Object Reading. Hanging over the couple is the fear that Roy Yoshiro, notorious gang lord, will make good on his threats to claim Elliot. If that happens, not even Derwin’s superhuman strength will be enough to protect the man he loves.

Their concerns are overshadowed when Derwin’s friend asks for help finding her missing son. It’s not long before the case takes Derwin and Elliot back to the crime-ridden underbelly of the city and straight into Yoshiro’s clutches. Two gangs are vying for power, and Derwin and Elliot get caught in the middle of their very public fight.

Derwin and Elliot must find a way to thwart both gangs’ plans and escape alive. This time, one misstep could spell disaster for all the inhabitants of Nis.


♦ Personal Thought ♦

This second entry to The Oddities series packed more actions and interesting character developments on Derwin and Elliot. Picking up closely from where Murder Once Seen left off, Elliot was now also working at Bob’s Bail Bonds doing the filing and partnering with Derwin on their friend’s missing son case. Elliot also moved in with Derwin and the dynamic between them was way more from what I’ve seen from previous book.

It’s really interesting to see two loner characters came together and complement one another, trusting and depending on each other. As the story’s told from both MC’s POV alternately, readers could learn their insight. It’s difficult to choose which from the two characters I like more. Derwin was still having superhero complex that he felt responsible for everyone’s problems, yet he’s learning to ask for and getting help from others. Elliot seemed to flourish and becoming quite a bold, shrewd and feisty young man; proving he’s more than just a side-kick.

Worry not, with Derwin’s type of Oddity, there’s plenty steamy scenes to enjoy on pages, a tamer D/S scene compared to those on previous book (which relief me no end). I might not be a fan of too many graphic scenes, but I thought those scenes correlated to the plot, rather than transpired for the sake of having sex scenes.

Mystery-wise, the case in Fraud Twice Felt was quite by the book. The fast pace of the story – while virtually exhausting for me – felt genuine and natural. That said, I was hoping the author would reveal more on the villain’s Oddity and what’s those beach battle was all about. On the other hand, I suspect with time (on upcoming installments, perhaps?) more riddles would be revealed, especially those that shadowed Derwin since book one.


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