ARC Review: Trustworthy by Astrid Amara

astridamara_trustworthy_1Title: Trustworthy (A Policy of Lies #2)

Author: Astrid Amara

Publisher: Loose Id

Expected Publishing Date: May 9, 2017

Genre: MM Romance, Sci-fi

Format: eBook

Length: Novel

Rating: 3.75 Stars 



Ten years ago, lovers and best friends Ivo Toreli and Robert Mackenzie were separated by death.

But sometimes life gives you second chances. Life…and a lot of cybernetic enhancements.

Trust Agent 505 may not remember who he was before he worked security for Trust Insurance, but now his prisoner thinks he knows him. This revolutionary named “Mack,” who has stolen one of Trust’s prized possessions, seems to think Agent 505 is named “Ivo,” someone from his past. Someone he once loved more than anyone on any of the inhabited worlds.

Ivo doesn’t remember any of it, of course. But if he’s going to get Trust’s property back from the revolutionaries, he’s going to have to play along.

And if playing along also means sleeping with a handsome, humorous, and slightly dangerous ex-soldier, all the better, right?


♦ Personal Thought ♦

Having last read A Policy of Lies a few years ago, it took a while for me to reengage with the world building of the story. Trustworthy is the sequel to and part of Policy of Lies series; a sci-fi fantasy set in Calypso, a planet on Sol 10 system. It started with a mix of fun, charming and passionate accounts which peaked on a tragedy.

Told from Ivo Toreli or, later on, Agent 505’s POV in first person, it showed the different of the MC’s conscience – or lack of thereof – before and after the life-changing incident. That alone got my sympathy for Ivo and Mack, even up to tolerating the (much too often) teary-eyed moments they had throughout the story.

As gloom as that state seems to be, overall tone to this entry is not as dark as Levi & Tiergan’s story in A Policy of Lies to me. On the contrary, with such a dismal outlook of life and a few body counts on pages, Trustworthy gave off lighthearted feeling. Most of the time the scenes struck me as a sci-fi road trip, with enemies with benefits making the most of what they had in store.

I liked that this book give some sort of closures to the main characters of both books. That it didn’t try to tying up ALL loose ends, but at least give off the promising vibe for their future. That saying, I wish Mack could have his own POV so reader could see his insight. I thought it could bring more emotions to the fore, showed reader the deeper side of Mack than the seemingly always chatty and cheerful person; as well as giving different angle of the story. Especially considering the misunderstanding that brought about the whole lot of anguish and suffering.


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