ARC Review: No Easy Target by Iris Johansen

cover97051-mediumTitle: No Easy Target

Author: Iris Johansen

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Expected Publishing Date: April 25, 2017

Genre: General Fiction, Mystery & Thrillers

Format: eBook, Print

Page Count: 352

Rating: 2 Stars



When an enemy from her past threatens to return, Margaret Douglas must go on the run. But danger is in hot pursuit, and Margaret finds herself matching wits with a man who refuses to be stopped. Turning from the hunted to the hunter, Margaret must use everything she has to not only survive, but defeat evil and prove she’s No Easy Target in this high-octane thriller.

Personal Thought

Well. The idea’s certainly intriguing. An animal-whisperer and a former military/CIA got tangled in a sordid world of maniac arms/drugs kingpin. Toward to one third part of the book, the action even got interesting. But the overall delivery of the story just frustrated me and – I can’t believe I’m gonna say this – there were too many bloody dialogues in this book it was off-putting!

I got exhausted following the protagonists argue-talked each other in any kind of situations. Heck, not only them, the villains also all talk talk talk goading their cronies and opponents. And I usually like lively conversations in books as they liven up the story. Just not this time!

Another thing that raised my eyebrows: is it normal to wave the “I used to be Special Forces slash CIA” credentials about? I mean, normally in a thriller I read, that part would be notorious aspect without the character bragging about them. And even with this supposed high-flying resume, the male protagonist didn’t come across as badass to me. Also, I felt that the female character, with her gift to communicate with animals, didn’t show her utmost capability in the story.

On the upside, the plot didn’t force the protagonist to end the story with scene of them holding hand, promising to be together forever. There’s a possibility of a future – though personally I’m not too taken with the supposed attraction between them, more like a Stockholm Syndrome effect to my liking – but nothing too rushed for a happily ever after.

Advanced copy of this book is kindly provided by the author/publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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