ARC Review: Wind River Rancher by Lindsay McKenna

30337968Title: Wind River Rancher (Wind River Valley #2)

Author: Lindsay McKenna

Publisher: Zebra, Kensington Books

Expected Publishing Date: December 27, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Format: eBook, Paperback

Page Count: 384

Rating: 2.5 Stars



The new novel from the bestselling author of Wind River Wrangler

Something to hold on to . . .

Not so long ago, Reese Lockhart was commanding a company of Marines. Now his life is spiraling out of control. The Bar C ranch outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming may be his last chance to save himself . . .

Shaylene Crawford, an Afghanistan veteran herself, knows all too well the demons of PTSD—that’s why she’s determined to turn her family’s cattle ranch into a place where wounded warriors can work, find a home, and rebuild their souls. Her embittered father nearly drank and gambled the place away, but with help from a small crew of vets—including the newest arrival, the quietly compelling Reese Lockhart—she intends to hold on to her dream. And when someone tries to destroy that dream, Reese will do whatever it takes to defend her . . .


♦ Personal Thought ♦

This is a predicament for me. On one hand I like the idea of the story, some of the characters, and the turn of events (although it’s rather predictable, but when one pick this book hoping for happy ending: voila!). But oii the flow and pace of the story, the long dialogues (inner and spoken alike), they almost put me to sleep.

The story centered on the vets with PTSD issues which put quite a gloom and raw atmosphere right from the start. That place so low (for the hero) that the only way to go is up. Which situation had me rather teary-eyed on first pages. After such a moving opening and introduction to the few secondary characters (who I believe will have their own stories later on in the series), the narrative sort of drone on and the heroine show the tendency of leaky eyes.

Don’t get me start on the romance. I mean, I’m all for slow-burn romance, but we’re talking slow slow here, the one that got me even, “Gah! Come on already!!” And then when they finally did, it felt like rain after long drought where I got, “Okay, you guys did it. Yay! Now could you come out of the bedroom already!” There’s also the abrupt ending that – after the slow-mo I suffered throughout the book – felt quite glaring.

In all fairness though, this book is not a bad one. Far from it. The issue with the vets felt real and depressing. So is the life of ranching in unforgiving weather, but there’s always the community solidarity that help the locale survive. I guess I just have problem with the way the story delivered. Others may not feel the same way and could really love this story.

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