ARC Review: Kill Without Shame by Alexandra Ivy

cover101001-mediumTitle: Kill Without Shame (ARES Security #2)

Author: Alexandra Ivy

Publisher: Zebra, Kensington Books

Expected Publishing Date: December 27, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Format: eBook, Paperback

Page Count: 352

Rating: 3.25 Stars



Five brave military heroes have survived the hell of a Taliban prison to return home—and take on civilian missions no one else can. They’re the men of ARES Security. Highly skilled, intimidating, invincible, and one by one, tested again and again…

Lucas St. Clair’s prestigious family had a political future neatly planned out for him—one that didn’t include his high school sweetheart, Mia Ramon. Under their pressure, Lucas gave her up. But since surviving captivity, he’s a changed man—and a crucial member of ARES Security. When he discovers a dead man clutching a picture of Mia that bears a threatening message, his fiercest protective instincts kick in, and he knows he must go to her.

Mia has never forgiven Lucas for breaking her heart, and she’s convinced her feelings for him are in the past. But it’s soon clear that isn’t true for either of them. Now, determined to solve the crime and keep Mia safe, with his ARES buddies backing him up, Lucas will have to reconstruct the murder victim’s last days—and follow a lethal trail that leads right back to the fate of the woman he still loves…


♦ Personal Thought ♦

The one who got away. The burning desire to grab the second chance life gave and the need to protect one’s lost love. And a murder mystery. The second installment of ARES Security series grabbed me more than its predecessor. The elements I mentioned earlier certainly promised some gripping read. And – as the blurb stated – the hero is one of the five brothers-in-arms who had escaped from Taliban’s hell-hole-of-a-prison together. I so pictured an Alpha hero there! As it is, I’m somewhat miffed with the way this book turned out. It’s not a total miss – but not something that blow my mind either.

Kill Without Shame told layers of stories; the bulk of which evolved around Lucas St. Clair and his high school sweetheart Mia Ramon. Pitching in to help are Lucas’s ARES brothers Max and Teagan; in which readers learned an ongoing problem with one of their own. Then there’s also a side story of Mia’s friends Taylor with a local lawman.

I have no beef with multiple POVs in this book which sometimes happen on any suspense (or in this case, romantic suspense) stories. It’s the almost detached circumstances when it comes to Taylor and her suitor that felt a bit fluky. Aside from close the end of the book, this subtle wooing just feels like something to drag out more pages out of this entry.

As with the previous book, I honestly thought the characters often didn’t feel proper urgency to quickly solve the problem or even the sense of propriety when the need (to romance or sex the woman up) arose. While I love the romantic side of the story, the deliveries I get here could be exasperatingly silly in my opinion. With a killer on the loose, I would expect more alacrity than shown here (smooching prior to dig up some evidence? I mean, really?).

At the same time, I love that Lucas doesn’t took long to decide what he wanted, admit his past mistakes and being candid about what he feels. Likewise with the heroine who doesn’t dwell on indecision and in critical time don’t give into hysterical fits.

That the bad guy is one cunning character was rather entertaining. And frustrating. I mean, in the way ARES supposed to be a collectively intelligence and highly skilled individuals trying to pin this murderer with convincing proof. I kept hoping for a twist in the plot that could amp up the suspense meter, which didn’t happen. But at least – considering I felt this entry an improve of the previous book – I have high hope for the next installment of the series.

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