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Trans Fiction Week

JL Merrow takes over the chair this evening for some sharp words to those who think diversity isn’t part of their writing toolkit!


Trans fiction. What is it, really? Okay, there’s an obvious answer: fiction which has trans characters in it. But does it have to be about those characters’ experience of being trans in a largely cis world?
Stories which explore that experience are hugely important to raise awareness of specifically trans issues—but I think there’s also a need for stories that just happen to have trans characters in them, doing interesting stuff while being trans.
Chekov’s gun* has a lot to answer for, in some respects: people often ask why a character has to be, say, trans, or gay, or black—meaning, why is it important to the story? (Curiously, people asking this invariably seem to be cis, straight, and white.) But why shouldn’t—say—Hermione be black? Why shouldn’t…

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