ARC Review: Knight of Flames by Amelia Faulkner

31455563Title: Knight of Flames (Inheritance, #2)

Author: Amelia Faulkner

Publisher: LoveLight Press

Expected Publishing Date: August 26, 2016

Genre: Paranormal, M/M Romance

Format: eBook

Page Count: 346

Rating: 3 Stars



Headstrong. Telekinetic. Pariah.

Quentin d’Arcy is in trouble: he might be pyrokinetic; Laurence wants their relationship to go further; and he’s running out of money. When he meets a psychic whose powers of mind control are used to mug hapless innocents in order to provide for others, a dilemma arises. Should Quentin stop him, or help?

Demigod. Oracle. Hunter.

Laurence Riley almost died killing one god only to discover that he’s descended from another. Life gets even more complicated when Frederick d’Arcy walks into his life. Quentin’s twin brother has tracked them down, and now he wants Laurence’s aid in speaking to Quentin.

With great power comes great irresponsibility.

Kane Wilson wants to make a better world. A world in which psychics are open about who and what they are without fear of reprisal or hatred. With the power to control people’s minds, he might be able to pull it off.

Quentin is the only one immune to Kane’s power, and so it falls to him to figure out whether there’s more to Wilson’s plan than meets the eye, before Kane outs the existence of psychics not only to San Diego but to the world…

Knight of Flames is the second book in the Inheritance series and contains mature themes and events which may be distressing to some readers. It has a mild heat rating and an HFN ending.


♦ Personal Thought ♦

The story took up a couple of months from when Jack of Thorns ended; after Laurence and Quentin defeated Jack. The couple fought to stay sober – Laurence from narcotics and Quentin from booze – while Quentin worked on his courting of Laurence and vice versa Laurence helped him with his sexuality and controlling his power.

This did not exactly had cliffhanger ending; but as with previous book, the epilogue presenting another puzzle to come, I’m guessing to wet readers’s appetite for more. I come to associate the author with this type of writing. 

I found myself both exasperated and liking the way their relationship progressing. On one side, with Quentin’s relapse whenever the petting sessions got heavy, it was understandable that Laurence treated him with kid’s gloves. Otoh, having no clue of his past making this extremely frustrating. I get that there’s still a long way to go before everything revealed. But, gads the guessing in my head!!!

Like in Jack of Thorns, the narration was still told in alternate POV of both MC’s, this time the story focused more on Quentin. Though from Laurence’s side this time the tone was more uplifting, especially with additions to camp good guys – questionable motives notwithstanding.

The adversary they faced this time came in the form of psychic human, but no less evil and cunning, and – of course – power hungry. I was rather disappointed with our MC’s overall handling against the bad guy. I would expect – after Jack – and knowing their opponent’s strength, that they were quick on guessing when something’s afoot. Both MCs were no ordinary humans with multiple powers up their sleeves, for crying out loud! But no, they seemed to get easily tricked! What ticked me off even more was, after such situation, the speed of which it all turned. I felt like casually strolling three quarter of the book, to suddenly sprinting the last quarter of pages!

That, and still wondering over the mysteries surrounding young Lord Banbury’s lineage. His interactions with his twin baffled me. Although, to be honest, the whole D’Arcys was an enigma. Expect some bad stuff to come from this stock in the coming installment, of that I strongly suspect! I guess I shall have to continue reading this series to find out…

Advanced copy of this book is kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.