Book Review: Under the Hood Boxed Set by Sally Clements

uth_bundle_500Title: Under the Hood Boxed Set

Author: Sally Clements

Publisher: Bliss, Entangled Publishing

Expected Publishing Date: September 5, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Format: eBook, Paperback

Page Count: 380

Rating: 3 Stars



Under the Hood

When Alice Starr mistakenly believes attorney Mark Jameson needs her help, he discovers he likes being rescued for a change. Smitten by her confidence, he hides his expertise so he has an excuse to see her again. Alice doesn’t have time for a man. But with one kiss, she and Mark have advanced into water so deep she’s in danger of drowning…

Racing the Hunter’s Moon

Feisty Betty Smith should have only one thing on her mind—catching the conman who swindled her mother. Not the sexy stranger who kissed her then completely disappeared.

Undercover FBI agent Joe Carter needs to focus on the bad guy who got away, not the gorgeous headstrong brunette who watches too many cop shows and keeps interfering in his case. And while entering the vintage car rally as a couple seemed like a good idea at the time, faking feelings for each other turns out to be the easiest part.

Love for Beginners

Melody Swan is looking for a man who can share her hopes and dreams, but she swore she would never lose herself to passion. When sexy Heath Starr agrees to temporarily sub in the Under the Hood garage for his  sister, Mel  sees the perfect  opportunity  to  enjoy  being  with a man  without  becoming attached.  Heath came to Meadowsweet to photograph nature, not find a hookup, especially since his last relationship ended in disaster. When the two find themselves isolated in a rustic cabin, they could both break their promises if they aren’t careful…



♦ Personal Thought ♦

First of all: what is it with character’s injuries in this book?? At least in each novella, one person slipped/fell and hurt themselves; and I mean limb in cast injury!

Now that I let go of the rants, we could move on to other matters. (I hope that rant wouldn’t spoil the fun of whoever reading this, though.)

Under the Hood Boxed Set consists of three novellas that previously released separately; and now to be released in box-set. The story centered on the partners of garage that owned and run by three women; Alice, Melody and Betty. Women mechanics – who wouldn’t love them! Their partners in each story – Mark, Heath, and Joe – certainly found it attractive.

Although each story could be read as standalone, I would not recommend them to be read in random order considering the sequence of events on these novellas.

As a first timer to Sally Clements‘s writing, I found myself quite enjoyed her style. It’s lighthearted while at the same time casted the heroines as strong and unique characters – I rarely read story on female mechanics, so it really was a plus. However, as far as the storyline goes, among these three I like the last story – Racing the Hunter’s Moon – the most.

Under the Hood being the first story, it supposed to serve as base of the series. Yet, this being the shortest of the three, Mark and Alice’s romance felt too instant for me. And …back to my rant at the opening of this rambling. The good side of said “injury” though, it opened and set the plot for the next story – Love for Beginners – which was, while exasperating, quite clever of the author.

The interesting thing about Mel and Heath’s story was Mel’s lack of sexuality. There were steps and process the characters going through before both of them come to terms with their feeling and made choices over it. Oh, and the injury portion in this novella didn’t need physician’s assistance, too – which was nice. Although, I felt Mel’s POV was a bit indecisive most of the time.

And why I liked Racing the Hunter’s Moon best? Story wise, this was the most interesting for me – trying to catch a swindler before he was up and running hurting and tricking other people. Betty – whose mother’s a victim of said trickster – and Joe – who once made mistake on arresting him then had to let the SOB go on technicality – worked together to catch the man in the act. Sleuthing, vintage car rally, volatile sexual tension between the MCs they simply drew me.

In a nutshell, this boxed set offered a nice lighthearted reading. I really hope for more stories of blue collar heroine with unique profession in the future. It’s a nice chance from damsel in distress, don’t you think.

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