ARC Review: May the Best Man Win by Mira Lyn Kelly

27969092Title: May the Best Man Win (The Best Men #1)

Author: Mira Lyn Kelly

Publisher: SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca

Expected Release Date: August 2, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Format: eBook, Paperback

Page Count: 352

Rating: 3.5 Stars



Four friends

Each a Best Man at a wedding

One chance to get it right

Jase Foster can’t believe his bad luck. He’s been paired with the she-devil herself for his best friend’s wedding: Emily Klein of the miles-long legs and killer smile. She may be sin in a bridesmaid dress, but there’s no way he’s falling for her again.

They can barely stand each other, but given how many of their friends are getting married, they’ll just have to play nice—at least when they’re in company. Once they’re alone, more than just gloves come off as Jase and Emily discover their chemistry is combustible, and there may be something to this enemies to lovers thing after all…


♦ Personal Thought ♦

I’m glad I urged myself to go on reading when I felt somewhat apprehensive with the early part of the book. It might not start so well for me, but I definitely got to the last chapter with a happy smile.

May the Best Man Win is the first of the new series: “The Best Men” which revolved around four best friends: Jase, Max, Sean and Brody. The story told a pretty close-knitted group of friends and – as what the title hinted at – pretty much weddings involved since first page. As the tallest of man, Jase Foster often found himself paired as groomsman to Emily Klein’s bridesmaid, which was unfortunate considering both considered each other as nemesis. Emily and Jase had met in high school and was actually attracted to one another, until a friend had come between them.

So it’s basically a enemies-to-lovers trope met second chance. I liked the gradual built-up of both Emily’s and Jase’s long suppressed attractions. The MC’s clashes underwent so many changes from animosity, bewilderment, curiosity, interest, lust, heartbreak, doubt, and happiness on the span of over a year. And those changes were not forced and felt real. Plus, when both finally admitted and agreed to act on their attraction, it was a total combustion! I may not like my reading peppered with too many steamy sexy times; but those who love them… Be sure to crank the air con or fan to cool down the heat a bit!

I admit that at the beginning I thought they behaved a bit immature for their age, and the story seemed hopping from one wedding to another gathering, that I dropped the book for awhile. That saying, I liked Mira Lyn Kelly‘s writing style enough to give the book another chance, and I was not disappointed.

Another favorable thing – or persons – in this story were the dynamic of Emily’s and Jase’s friends. I loved it when friends were there for one another and not being judgy, like it was here. That some of them gave intervention or push only when really really necessary.

However, the story with Eddie (Jase’s old friend and Emily’s ex) was still unclear to me here. That relationship with Eddie was what had put changed it all for Jase and Emily way back when that I thought didn’t reveal enough. I’m not sure if it was intentional so – and this is pure assumption on my side – the mysterious Eddie would appear with his own story in one of the book. We’ll see. But either way, I’ll be watching closely for the next installment of this series.

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