ARC Review: A Dangerous Damsel by Kimberly Bell

28869995Title: A Dangerous Damsel (The Countess Scandals #2)

Author: Kimberly Bell

Publisher: InterMix

Expected Publication Date: July 19, 2016

Genre: Historical, Romance

Format: eBook

Page Count: 260

Rating: 3 Stars



In eighteenth century Scotland, a born seductress meets her match in the second Countess Scandals novel from the author of A Convenient Engagement.

Deidre Morgan survives on her allure, quick hands, and quicker wits. But when her brother Tristan’s gambling addiction gets him in too deep with the crime lord—and Deidre’s former lover—Alistair, Deidre needs to come up with the money. Fast. 

Rich and handsome, Ewan Dalreoch seems to be the perfect mark. Deidre plans to seduce him, take his money, and leave him behind. But Ewan isn’t like the other men she’s known—and he refuses to be shaken off.

Yet when Alastair comes after his debt, Deidre and Ewan both get more trouble than they bargained for—and perhaps a love worth fighting for.

♦ Personal Thought ♦

Five rules to live by:
1. Never make trouble where you live,
2. Only trust yourself,
3. Always have an escape plan,
4. Never need anyone more than they need you,
5. The moment you’re not in control, get out.

And one man to crumble them all to dust…

We met with an unusual heroine in this second book on Kimberly Bell‘s The Countess Scandals’ series. Deidre Morgan was a seducer and swindler, she was no proper lady. When her younger brother fell in with the dangerous people of her past, Deidre’s trickery way led her to Ewan Dalreoch.

Ewan, the new Earl of Broch Murdo, and his godfather, Angus, were on the way to his old left-behind property when Deidre robbed him. The meeting left such impression that Ewan ended up helping Deidre and her brother – Tristan – escaped Glasgow and rode along to Broch Murdo. Of course, the danger – and Ewan’s past – caught up with them.

Thus began the crumbling of Deidre’s rules one by one.

For a highlander, I thought Ewan was not as proud. Well, at least in the beginning he wasn’t; which made the interaction between Deidre and him that much fun to read. The battle of wits and sexual tension between them were apparent. Combined with the supporting characters (Angus, Tristan, Darrow and Rose) the tale tale gave such an entertaining romp. A bit of a blood shed, but still. Amusing to read!

Good things aside, I felt there were some loopholes here. Like, if I could get behind the Dowager Countess’ head (she was not THAT cold-hearted, surely). I generally understood what went wrong with the MacMurdos; at the same time I felt there’s some missing or untold pieces there. Also, what happened about Rose after – close to the end? I’m not sure whether she was designed to have her own story (or a spin-off, perhaps), so the author left it hanging.

Honestly to me the last 10% of the pages was a bit of a let down. Characters’ sudden mood changes, the rushed endings. There wasn’t even a hint of those earlier in the story and then …mushy mood struck?

Fortunately I’m quite taken with the Morgan siblings (Ewan being weird toppled him from the pedestal for me), that I’m still in favour of this book. And I hope I haven’t seen the last of this series yet!

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