ARC Review: Opposites Attracts by Judi Lynn

30220537Title: Opposites Attracts (Mill Pond, #2)

Author: Judi Lynn

Publisher: Lyrical Shine, Kensington Books

Expected Publishing Date: July 5, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Format: eBook, Paperback

Page Count: 198

Rating: 2.75 Stars



In small-town Mill Pond, Indiana, living the good life means kicking back country-style, opening your home to friends—and opening your heart to sweet surprises…

Harmony Meyer arrives in Mill Pond focused on one thing—finishing her novel in peace and quiet while her apartment building undergoes renovations. A month at her friend Tessa McGregor’s rural resort is exactly what she needs—until she discovers that Tessa’s brother-in-law, Brody McGregor, is another guest. Tall, dark, and handsome is a distraction she can’t afford. Especially when it’s clear from the start they have nothing in common…

Brody’s a rugged yet polished and punctual businessman. Harmony’s a sassy, down-to-earth artist who makes her own hours. He likes kids, she doesn’t even want a pet. Still, when circumstances conspire to throw them together in Tessa’s warm kitchen every evening, the heat between them begins to simmer. Is there a future for two such opposites? Harmony’s not sure, but the more time she spends with Brody, the easier it is to cast him in the role of her romantic hero—and to wonder if love might be the perfect exception to every one of her rules…

♦ Personal Thought ♦

This second installment to the Mill Pond Romance series had potential. If not for two major flop for me: scenes (as in plural) from the heroine’s work-in-progress book and the sprint rushed ending. This was a feel good story with nice setting (the town folk didn’t make as much appearance as in the previous book) and array of food mentioned that guaranteed to make you drool or plain hungry!

Opposites Distract is the story that brought together Brody McGregor – brother of Ian from Cooking Up Trouble – and Harmony Meyer – friend of Ian’s Tessa, heroine from that book.

Harmony came to the Lodge to escape her apartment’s heating system redo to get her writing done while visited with Tessa. Her character wrote paranormal romance that involved vampires and witches. What annoyed me no end was how often those vampires and witches’s scenes came on page. I get that they somehow relate to how Harmony feeling developed throughout the story. But the way it came about, it distracted the flow of the original story for me. And let’s not forget the Harry Potter’s story-telling that went on here, too. Word of advice: if you haven’t read Harry Potter, read the series first before you grab this book. It contained a few spoilers of the young wizard’s story!

I loved Brody when he appeared on Cooking Up Trouble and I loved his character here. Brody came to help Ian with some indoor constructions of the Lodge. At first he was pretty judgy to Harmony, though a glimpse of his background reasoned on the plausible whys; plus he rallied real fast after that.

And why I said “a glimpse” of Brody’s background, is because this book told in sole character’s POV which was Harmony’s. Come to think of it, this seemed to be the author’s practice as the previous book also told from Tessa’s POV. Now, I don’t say this is bad. It’s just during the length of reading I wish to see what was on Brody’s mind. My guesses were pretty much proven right most of the times where he’s concerned. Still, I’d kill for a chance to see some scenes from his point of view, rather than reading some of those vampire/witches have at it on the page.

For a sole POV this story also didn’t give much depth into Harmony’s mind. We knew she didn’t quite have a happy childhood or her family was not a close-knitted one. But those all only touched the superficial level. In one chapter, there’s a scene that implied deep-seated trauma on violence. But that was quickly swept up under the rug.

That lead to the other major flop I mentioned earlier: the rushed ending. The sudden sprint rushed ending.

So there’s this incident happened that triggered the aha!moment and Harmony realized her feeling and owned up to it. Her subsequent actions had Brody acted swiftly and Harmony decided: okay, let’s do this. All in. Now.

And I got… whoa, what? What? That’s it!?! After the endless obliviousness (or playing stupid) this story would just draw to a close with that??

Well, I’ll give this series another chance (there are I think two more books coming after this). And frankly, the writing’s not bad either. I just wish it was tweaked here and there a bit more. That’s all.

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