Book Review: Phoenix Reborn by J.D. Tyler

23656099Title: Phoenix Reborn (An Alpha Pack Novella #7.5)

Author: J.D. Tyler

Publisher: InterMix

Release Date: March 15, 2016

Genre: Paranormal, M/M Romance

Format: eBook

Page Count: 102

Rating: 2.75 Stars



From paranormal romance star J.D. Tyler comes a sensual tale of the Alpha Pack—a top secret team of Navy SEALs with supernatural abilities…
Wolf shifter and Firewalker Phoenix “Nix” Monroe has finally met his ultimate Bondmate—Alpha Pack nurse Noah Brooks. Unable to accept his own sexual identity, Nix rejects Noah despite the intense attraction he feels towards him.
By the time Nix realizes he has cast aside the love of his life, it may be too late to save Noah from a terrifying enemy…


♦ Personal Thought ♦

Being late comer to an ongoing series and going straight to the latest instead of the first could be a bad decision. But I think, it wasn’t so this time around. I wouldn’t say the story great, it’s more like the case of the right moment of reading this.

I liked the premises where all supernatural beings could live peacefully among each other: shifters (all kinds), fae, sorcerers, halflings; they were even in good associations with the vampires. Of course, the villains could be of the similar stature like Jinn in here.

The story followed the reluctant courtship of Phoenix “Nix” Monroe, a wolf-shifter and his Boundmate, a bubbly twink nurse, Noah Brooks.

Nix was brought up by a homophobic father; and his years in Navy, then SEAL with DADT pretty much had him locked himself in the closet. Accepting his boundmate was a man and admitting himself as a gay man was a struggle to him.

Noah, of course, was the opposite. Out and proud, chatty and slightly on the effeminate side. Being pushed away once too many times by Nix finally had him fleeing, and put himself and his loved ones in danger from their enemy.

Cliché. I know. But somehow I liked the author’s writing style. And I enjoyed the leisurely-paced story.

Yes, I wish the battle between good and evil could be shown more in pages. And that crucial healing part could be tweaked a bit more. But I guess I had to content myself here considering it’s a novella and part of an ongoing series. I might loose something that the series’ readers already familiar with.

In short, this was not a totally bad experience for me. In fact, I think I’m gonna look for book #1 and start anew. I might be in for a treat! 😉


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