ARC Review: Never Let Go by Allison B. Hanson

26192302Title: Never Let Go (Blue Ridge Romance #3)

Author: Allison B. Hanson

Publisher: Lyrical Shine

Expected Publishing Date: May 24, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Format: eBook

Page Count: 192

Rating: 3.75 Stars



Just one gorgeous weekend away from reality. Then they can go on like it never happened…

Riley Fisher doesn’t have time to chase after men. As a single mother working two jobs, she barely has time to eat or sleep. But a girl has needs. So when handsome veteran Sam Brooks asks her out, she decides she deserves some R&R. She doesn’t expect anything else from him—after all, he’s hardly the type to get serious.

Sam came back from Afghanistan lucky to be alive, despite PTSD that hits whenever he lets down his guard. His therapist told him to forget about relationships. When he meets Riley, he’s not planning on breaking the rules. She’s cute, petite, and a total smartass—not even his type. But she’s hard to forget. Especially once he runs into Riley and her toddler on a rustic mountain getaway and sees what he’s missing. Her kid makes him laugh all day. And Riley makes him burn all night.

Too bad a relationship is impossible. But they can enjoy the attraction. It’s not like they’re going to fall in love…


♦ Personal Thought ♦

First off, I realized mid reading that this book is part of an ongoing “Blue Ridge Romance” series. However, other than a few confusing seconds when new character names mentioned in a way that gave impression readers should’ve known them, I found myself really enjoying this story.

This was an altogether heartwarming, poignant and wonderful story of second chance in life; with a headstrong and independent heroine, a broken and honourable Marine vet as hero, and one very cute toddler.

Slow-paced, pretty low-steam romance with added plus of more than a couple of aww, aren’t they adorable, cute, etcmoments between Luca and Sam.

Riley was a single mother to two year old Luca who swore of men after her husband cheated and left her with their three month old baby. Sam had been living years after his return from three tours in Afghanistan struggling between his PTSD and survivor’s guilt. The one time he tried to build a new life, he hurt someone close to him and since then he avoid to get close to others.

Life interfering and what they agreed upon as a one night stand evolved into something more. But I loved how both characters slowly came to term with the fact they had something to build and to live together. It was not all easy or pretty; what’s with a jerk of ex husband, kind but patronising sibling, doubtful friends or well-meaning but rather threatening officials.

To say that these two broken pieces meld well together was an understatement. I admitted getting a bit exasperated with both MC’s stubbornness at times. However, the phases to their admitting and dealing with each personal issues before coming together made the story more real, too.

I especially loved the interactions between Luca and Sam; how the little guy looked up the person he admire and parroted almost every actions and words of Sam’s. Those were certainly the highlight of my reading time!

As an introduction to Allison B. Hanson‘s works, this was certainly a good start. I’m considering to read the other installment of the series. We shall see.

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