ARC Review: The Princess Wore Plaid by Karen Hawkins

23494034I don’t know, perhaps it’s the lack of Tata Natasha in this book (as she usually made some appearance in any Oxenburg-related stories with all her antics)? Or what I felt not enough interactions between the main characters that I didn’t really feel the sizzles.

Both Lord Darrac Buchan and Princess Tatiana Romanovin were likeable enough characters. I have soft spot for disabled character (Buchan’s considered as disabled with his injured leg after his trip in India, right?) and the kind of love for reading these two MCs had.

However, interactions between these two were minimum, and too many between the hero or heroine with supporting characters. In a full novel, I wouldn’t mind; but with novellas it didn’t presents enough sparks pertinent to the story.

Added to that, the incident befell Tatiana was told instead of shown. So it felt like we started smack in the middle. Again with what happened on last chapters (Buchan’s recovery and Tatiana finally met her cousin) was only summarised. It felt rushed.

Could be, this novella served as the bridge between The Prince and I and the upcoming Mad About the Plaid of the series. But somehow, it fell flat on that count.

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Title: The Princess Wore Plaid (The Oxenburg Princes #2.5)

Author: Karen Hawkins

Publisher: Pocket Star

Expected publishing date: March 21, 2016

Genre: Historical, Romance

Format: eBook

Rating: 2.5 Stars


Sizzling Scottish romance abounds in this e-novella in the Princes of Oxenburg series, a spinoff to New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins’s delightful Duchess Diaries series.

A princess once bejeweled but now tattered…
Royal princess Tatiana Romanovin is the beautiful, wealthy, and spoiled favorite of the King of Oxenburg. On her way to her cousin’s wedding in the Scottish highlands, she and her entourage are held up by a gang of ruffians. Frightened, her servants flee, and Tatiana soon finds herself alone in an inn with no servants, no funds, and no proof of her identity. Destitute, she accepts the offer from a sympathetic (but unbelieving) innkeeper to work for her room and board while she waits for an answer to the missive she’s sent to her cousin Prince Nikolai. With no other recourse, Tatiana scrubs floors and dirty linens, waiting for her prince to come…

A proud lord once lost and now found…
After a brutal, bloody battle with the French Navy left Lord Buchan limping and surly, abandoned by his betrothed because of his twisted leg, his lordship hides away at his manor house in the countryside. He leaves only once a week to eat at the local inn, drawn by the expert cooking of the innkeeper’s wife. One day, Buchan arrives to find that the innkeeper has a new servant, a beautiful scullery maid with a queenly air, and flashing green eyes that leave him breathless and increasingly aware of his lonely existence…

Love may find them yet…
The challenge of winning his way into Tatiana’s heavily protected heart stirs Buchan back to life…but can he and his twisted leg—and broken heart—win a proud princess whose only goal is to leave Scotland and return to the court where she’s the crowning jewel?

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