ARC Review: Jury of One by Charlie Cochrane

27994245A cozy sleuthing reading, Jury of One follows the life of Adam Matthews and Robin Bright a year after murder case that had united them.

Campbell, Anderson, and Davis, the usual suspects were still thick in the pictures. Now we got to meet Robin’s superior Cowdrey, also his mother and aunt Claire. Their interactions with both Adam and Robin often brought out humorous side of the story without them being comedic about it.

As all Cochrane’s works this book also have very British feel to it. When it came to the case, it gave different vibe to what I usually saw on television (you know, the hi-tech CSI with accurate and super fast result) although no less enjoyable.

This time Robin and his sergeant gave hand in trying to solve a murder while the townies copper busy with trying to find serial stabber. Unexpectedly, these case(s) tied in – in a convoluted way – to a trial Adam attending jury duty more than ten years ago.

It bugged me that after the way their courtship had gone onThe Best Corpse for the Job that suddenly Adam and Robin had communication in their domestic arrangement. Especially since it didn’t look that way in the beginning.

Also, I found myself getting impatient a couple of times when Adam or Robin failed to noticed something so obvious much sooner (yeah, readers always knew better than the characters. Right? *grin*).

After the seemingly leisurely pace throughout the book, the speed with with Robin and his sidekicks solved and apprehended the villains was conveniently fast. Of course, the reader wish no harm to the group of heroes. But I sort of hoping for a different pattern and that the sleuths (both amateur and professional ones) cracked the whole puzzle before found themselves being ambushed over it.

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Title: Jury of One (Lindenshaw Mysteries, #2)

Author: Charlie Cochrane

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Expected publishing date: March 21, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Mystery

Page/word count: ~298,  ~79,000

Format: eBook

Rating: 3 Stars


Inspector Robin Bright is enjoying a quiet Saturday with his lover, Adam Matthews, when murder strikes in nearby Abbotston, and he’s called in to investigate. He hopes for a quick resolution, but as the case builds, he’s drawn into a tangled web of crimes, new and old, that threatens to ensnare him and destroy his fledgling relationship.

Adam is enjoying his final term teaching at Lindenshaw School, and is also delighted to be settling down with Robin at last. Only Robin doesn’t seem so thrilled. Then an old crush of Adam’s shows up in the murder investigation, and suddenly Adam is yet again fighting to stay out of one of Robin’s cases, to say nothing of trying to keep their relationship from falling apart.

Between murder, stabbings, robberies, and a suspect with a charming smile, the case threatens to ruin everything both Robin and Adam hold dear. What does it take to realise where your heart really lies, and can a big, black dog hold the key?

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