Double ARC Review: Convincing Leopold & Convincing the Secretary


25071479Title: Convincing Leopold (London Legal #2)

Author: Ava March

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Expected Publication: February 16, 2016

Genre: M/M Romance, Historical

Format: eBook

Rating: 3.75 Stars



Never get between a reformed rake and his lover.

Three months ago, Leopold Thornton gave up his old, indulgent lifestyle to follow the man he loves to London. But now that he and Arthur Barrington have settled down, doubts are creeping in.

Arthur is spending more and more time at his law office—with a handsome new secretary. And Arthur’s ex-lover wants him back. Desperate not to lose Arthur, Leopold resorts to the only trick he knows to convince him to stay—pleasure.

Arthur knew that life with Leopold would never be boring. But recently their evenings—and afternoons and mornings—have become decidedly more vigorous. Being with Leopold is amazing, but juggling demanding clients and a demanding lover leaves Arthur exhausted and worried perhaps he and Leopold aren’t suited after all.

As business keeps Arthur later and later at the office, Leopold’s demons begin to haunt him again. To heal their rift, Arthur will have to let go of his own past—and pull his lover back from the brink.

This title has been previously published.

Product Warnings
Includes a reformed bad boy who discovers a jealous streak, a solicitor who isn’t always so conservative, explicit male/male scenes in a variety of locations, a complete lack of inhibitions, and a generous heaping of angst.


Review for the 2nd edition:

This novella took place three months after Convincing Arthur ended in which Arthur and Leopold – or Thorn, as Arthur was fond of calling him – had settled into a relationship. Or so it was supposed to be. When they were no longer secluded in the country and Arthur being busy with work, Thorn’s old anxiety raised its ugly head again. The reflected behavior disrupted the fragile bond these two had.

The story was told alternately from Arthur and Thorn’s POVs in third person, giving voice to the inner thoughts of both MCs.

Just like on previous installment, I still felt the balance of their relationship was slightly off with Thorn seemingly more involved and made more efforts than Arthur. I was rather miffed with how desperate he appeared to be but when later on described he had “issues” since way back when, it’s like an ah-I-see light came on. Given his condition, I applauded that he still fight and tried to find way to make his happily ever after with Arthur happened.

As exasperated as I was with Arthur, I liked that he made the efforts in the end. Almost too late, but still a thorough one after he admitted his mistakes, his feeling to Thorn and not the least: he apologized. A few times.

All in all, these two might not the best characters from Ms. March – they had flaws and as a couple their major issue was communication which affected their daily life – but I liked this one better than the previous story. And when they finally, FINALLY, opened up to one another, it’s good to see Thorn offered up suggestions over Arthur’s work; to have Arthur listened and considered them.

Which is why I’m gonna go straight to the next book after this, and see what happened when Thorn’s suggestion put into effect in Convincing the Secretary. ^g^


ARC is kindly given by the author for the exchange of a fair and honest review.



Title: Convincing the Secretary (London Legal #3)

Author: Ava March

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Expected Publication: March 8, 2016

Genre: M/M Romance, Historical

Format: eBook

Rating: 3 Stars


Business and pleasure is a mix no gentleman should consider.

Lord Grayson Holloway goes after what he wants—be it in the law office on his clients’ behalf or in the bedchamber. His new position as partner puts him closer to achieving his goal of becoming the most successful solicitor in London. There’s just one problem—his new secretary. Broad of shoulder yet mild of manner, Edward tempts Gray like no other. Yet the young man barely notices him.

Edward Fenton tries to be a good secretary, but being in Lord Grayson’s hard, commanding presence rouses Edward’s most forbidden desires. Wicked, naughty desires no gentleman should consider giving in to, let alone with his new employer.

Gray is more than willing to mix business with pleasure. But convincing Edward to take a chance on a future with him? That might be the most challenging case Gray has ever taken on.

Product Warnings
Includes buttoned-up gentlemen who become undone, improper use of a desk, spankings, and a big bad lord who has a soft spot for his virgin secretary.



Following closely after Convincing Leopold where Thorn had suggested Arthur took on a solicitor partner and assigned his infatuated secretary – Edward Fenton – to that partner, Lord Grayson Holloway joined the Barrington practise.

Unlike Arthur/Leopold, Gray and Edward’s romance was quite a speedy affair, blossoming weeks after they met. Though the attractions were suppressed by both parties while at the same time they made assumption of one another.

As the two previous titles, the story was also told in alternate POVs of Gray and Edward. Both character had rather sad family background – of being ignored/contempt – which somewhat explained their inability to trust others.

Edward was timid personified which made him not a lovable character, though he redeemed himself in the end by showing some steel and finally own to himself! But after the way he acted on Convincing Leopold I was expecting him to be a more exciting character than this. His fantasy and fascination with sex toys combined with his virginal state mystified me. I wish there was an overlapped explanation on how he come to realize Arthur/Thorn relationship, as I find his switching of affection from Arthur to Gray was too sudden.

I disliked how quick to assume Gray was and the way he acted after such nights spent with Edward. The romance and chemistry between these two was not too believable (perhaps due to merely weeks of acquaintance and after only two days of “actions”) and quite rushed.

Perhaps had the story been longer and were there more interaction phase between the MCs, this might sit better with me. Generally I’m no fan of too smutty story; even so, the light BDSM here was not an issue for me. But I felt something not totally – I couldn’t find the right word – fitting about Edward/Gray’s courtship. On top of that, I had issue with how Edward’s family treated him (at least with Gray we know the story). It seemed wrong that the story ended with nothing more told on that end.


ARC is kindly given by the author for the exchange of a fair and honest review.


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