With This Bling by LB Gregg


Title: With This Bling (Romano and Albright #3)

Author: LB Gregg

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Published: December 7, 2015

Genre: M/M RomanceContemporary

Format: eBook

Rating: 3.5 Stars

♠ synopsis ♠

Caesar Romano’s catering career is doing better than he’d ever dreamed. And so is his love life—even if his boyfriend’s house in Staten Island is way too far from civilization for his liking. But then in short order, Caesar is duped into helping his cousin propose, is tricked by his best friend and business partner into appearing on live television, and is harassed by a thug-like personal trainer and his far too beautiful wife. In fact, Caesar is almost too busy to notice that something is troubling his PI boyfriend, Dan Albright.


Laid-back, open, charming—that’s the impression hunky former NYPD Detective Dan Albright gives everyone. Caesar can add sexually adventurous and a bit of an exhibitionist. But he also knows that Dan is hiding something—something dark and a little dangerous—and when Dan’s silence over his mysterious past threatens to harm them both, it’s Caesar’s turn to save the day.

But then again, a break-in, a gallery party, an heirloom ring, a new suit, and a stalker with bad BO are all just a typical week for Caesar Romano.


It’s been over three years (discounting re-read) since I last read Caesar and Dan’s escapades and lo they’re back, with typical Romano – Albright’s repartee. Caesar, as usual, was a hoot.

For me reading this book was like watching a comedy series on TV, starring the witty, sharp-tongued, organized Italian-descent young caterer and his hunk of a (somewhat) wealthy ex-detective PI. The usual suspects (Romano and Albright clan, friends and ex) added flavor to the story of this tasty duo.

The dialogues and Caesar’s inner thoughts never failed to amuse me. His quick-thinking, which quite often saved the day, was more than make-up for his rather lack of brawn.

With This Bling is the third installment of the series and took place a few months after Trust Me If You Dare. Caesar and Dan’s relationship had gotten more established. Ce even rarely stayed at his room in Nana Cooper’s house anymore, and instead commuting to and from Dan’s suburb house in Staten Island.

Amidst the daily work he did at Posh Nosh, Caesar also tried to help his cousin staging one-of-a kind proposal for his best friend cum business partner. Dan was busy with a new case involving family friends and his ex. Yep, we finally got to meet Dan’s degenerate ex.

As usual in Romano – Albright universe, the case, catering gig, and personal issues soon collided, creating snort-inducing chains-of-events, aww moments, not to mention some steamy exercises.

While some of the scenes were pretty close to slapstick comedy – and frankly I’m not a huge fan of such – for this couple I made exception. Perhaps because I’m already familiar with their antics; after the previous two books – who wouldn’t.

Which was why I wouldn’t recommend this to be read as a standalone. If you survived Caesar on the first two books you might enjoy this too. Admittedly, the story didn’t put the duo on the best spot, case wise. But they made it up in romance department; Dan certainly convinced Caesar of his feeling to iniate the declaration. Oops. Spoiler. 😛

I hope L.B. Gregg wouldn’t take long time to write their next episode… I mean, book.

ARC is kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley for the exchange of a fair and honest review.