Early Review: Dating the Guy Next Door by Amanda Ashby

When I first read the blurb, I thought this would be lighthearted story, instead this was a bit angsty telling of a deeply scarred young woman. However, despite my reluctance and some editing issues aside, I found myself liking this book!

Dating the Guy Next Door is the first book in a new contemporary romance series. Here we met Kate Mitchell, an artist, and Matt Hunter, an organizational consultant. Now, I was as blank as Kate had been when they were introduced what the heck Matt’s occupation meant. Just know that Kate was rather chaotic and messy while Matt – of course – the total opposite: he’s a neat freak and very well-organized. You could say theirs was opposites attract at its best; they completed and understood each other. Only there’s one matter that left painful and traumatic scar in Kate’s past that threatened their promising future and the couple had to struggle to find way to make it right.

Among the reasons I enjoyed the book is Amanda Ashby‘s writing style, that she wrote likable characters (be it main or supporting) despite each having flaws or even sometimes acting like fools. This book is a nice introduction to the author’s works for me. The witty banters, often unintentional, were refreshing. I also loved that the closest confidant of both MC was not a merely nosy characters. They gave opinions but supported Kate and Matt no matter what.

I also liked that the plot didn’t rush the trouble to hurry up solved itself so the MCs could go ahead ride into the sunset together. The character went through phase, acknowledging their problem and having regrets and thought some more before making decision whether they could make it go together. THIS made the story-line seem more real to me.

The epilogue was cute and quite satisfying. It summarized the untold without being too over the top dramatic. It’s safe to say that I would definitely looking forward to the next tale on this series. You got me hooked, Ms. Ashby! 🙂

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25392723♦ synopsis ♦

From the author of You Had Me at Halo, comes the first in a new contemporary romance series where a woman must decide between her own fears and true love.


Kate Mitchell is finished with love. After a recent relationship disaster, she’s had it. Sure, she’s noticed her smoking hot new neighbor, Matt Hunter, moving into the converted warehouse next door. But she resolves to keep her fantasies just that.

But fantasy becomes reality when he shows up in her gallery. Matt is a logical, meticulous type while Kate’s more of a fly-by-night free spirit. And she won’t allow herself to be led into another relationship—especially not with someone who wants to start a family. She can’t do that.

Still, even Kate can’t deny Matt’s charm, and soon realizes she’s falling for him hard. If she tells him she won’t have a baby, she’ll break his heart. But if she doesn’t, she might break her own…

Title: Dating the Guy Next Door

Author: Amanda Ashby

Publisher: InterMix, Berkley Publishing Group

Expected Publication: January 19, 2016

Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Format: eBook

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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