On the Run by Michael Mandrake

On the Run (Protekt #1)

Title: On the Run (#Book1 of Protekt series)
Author: Michael Mandrake
Publisher: Pride Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-78430-753-0
Word Count: 50,029 (157 pages)
Genre: MM Romance, Actions, Multicultural
My Rating: 1.85 stars

This is a year with lots of new-to-me-authors and some of them work awesomely well. This one by Michael Mandrake… Well, let’s just say this fell under… cautiously okay. For now.

On the Run was book one of a new series “Protekt”, a troubleshooter for hire organization that sometimes got called to aid law enforcements. Though Protekt itself wasn’t really prominent until much later in this book. The MCs here were an ex crook and a hitman hired to kidnap him but instead got enamoured with his captive.

I was rather curious with how this sort of attraction took place. Devlin Crawford, the hitman, was a black British nationale and described as quite sexy; while Aiden Moriarty a white gorgeous American who, imho, had no special talent than his charms and good looks. It was quite disappointing that Devlin fell on the base of his picture – I rather wished it was more.

What I liked here was how Devlin had self-control that he didn’t act on his attraction right away no matter how Aiden cajoled him. Also, that the assistance Devlin had was one very kick-ass lady, albeit a very mouthy and opinionated one. But once the restraint loosened… Boy, were they at it like bunnies.

There were times when I got bored with too long narration and too much tell and less show. This is not the case. What got to me though, how very chatty the characters here. And we talked about a hired gun and his comrade facing his supposed-to-kidnap. They were definitely not your usual silent tight-lipped assassins.

The pace of the story was quite frustrating: dragging at the beginning, then somehow switched into sprint, which felt beyond rushed to me, then another dragging to the closing chapter. Mind you, I’m glad this was not a long book as I might lose patience otherwise.

Copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher for the exchange of an honest review.

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