Play On by Avery Cockburn

Play OnPlay On by Avery Cockburn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a refreshing surprise, this book was! Gifted from a friend because of my affinity to football and men in kilt! *blushed* – and it brought way more than that to me; It gave me a good read!

This novella was a prequel to Glasgow Lads, a new series revolved around Woodstoun Warrior, an all-LGBT amateur football team set in contemporary Glasgow, Scotland. Play On told the story of Duncan Harris, the youngest midfielder who was a freshman at Glasgow Uni, and his flatmate, Brodie Campbell.

I couldn’t help but to enjoy the story the couple being so ADORABLE (they absolutely hate to be referred to as thus, but I just can’t help it!!). These were how I pictured them throughout the story:::heart-eyes:::

Unlike Duncan, Brodie came from a small village north-east of Scotland where suspected being gay meant constant bullying and beating. He came to Glasgow out and still struggle with the proud part, bullying-jocks still on the back of his mind made him distrust Duncan on sight. But a night pre-vacation term where they got sloshed and sloppily hooked up changed things between them. But Brodie’s being in the closet a long time with Duncan’s laid back and insensitive nature clashed and often had them hurting the other.

Added to that was the Warriors’ captain defection that put Duncan in highly sort temper state, consequently resulting in a chains of events.

This was not an all-win tale and more than once either of the MC had to suffer as a result of their short temper; which – for me – made the story feel more real. These were two young men who still had to grow and a lot to learn. Their connections opened both of their to new, and often humbling, realization.

I liked that both of them were manipulative enough to be able to stay close with the other, but own up to their mistakes and willing to change when the situation called for it.

This novella also put into picture of the state of the Warriors in, gave ideas how the coming stories shape like. I’m actually curious and rather hope for Evan to be one of the stories told in this series.

So… loved both characters, their friends, teammates, and the Rainbow Regiment who support Warriors team through good and bad. I also loved that despite youngsters often pictured as horny people, sex was not all these two thought and talk about. There were a couple of hot scenes, sure – but more than that, they thought of each other as friends.

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