Bearing It All by Vonnie Davis

Bearing It All (Highlander's Beloved, #3)
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I’m not sure how to take this book. Was this meant for humor? Action espionage? Erotica paranormal? But honestly, the combine of all three failed to do it for me. Compared to the previous book in the series, this is a major let down. And I was actually looking forward to Ronan’s story!

The idea that there’s animal persona in a shifter, and that the human part communicated and controlled it was familiar. The way that Magnus, the bear part of Ronan, considered the love interest as best friend or mother-like and want some personal time with her was kinda creepy, though (At one point, I thought this was gonna turn unto bestiality path. But at least, that didn’t happen! Phew…) Magnus and Ronan’s tele-banter was rather amusing sometimes, in an over the roof way.

The heroine, Anisa, was a Major in French military – the fact that stated quite often throughout the book. Though I only felt her French-ness in the early pages of the book; after that she appeared like any Scottish lass – in a manner of speaking. I also wonder about her top notch “spy” qualities. Yes, there were some attempted assassinations that ended up with the dead of would be murderers, but her character really didn’t fit with the word spy.

As for the romance; sorry, I didn’t buy the past crush got their second chance route. This was insta-lust. What made them pledge forever after love after some mindless sex was… I had no clue why.

While on previous book the appearance of Effie – the elderly witch in Mattheson’s family – was a hoot, here I found her annoying with her trying-too-hard-to-be-eccentric-and-funny ways. All in all, this really felt like a slapstick kind of book.

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