Playing with Fire by Kate Meader

Playing with Fire (Hot in Chicago, #2)Playing with Fire by Kate Meader
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”You were rude.”

“Pigtail puling, honey. Inside every man struck clueless by a woman is a snotty little schoolboy on the playground.”

That about summed up the dynamic between our leading characters throughout the book. If they weren’t pulling at each other’s clothes and have fun wrestling, they fought and bicker like cat and dog. For me, this was among the reason I enjoyed the story so much, they’re dash entertaining!

I had to fess-up upfront to being Team Eli here (Riiight, smitten just like most women as the story implied. Heh!) – so be warned of the coming rants.

Saying initially it was the female firefighter character on the blurb that grabbed me to want to read the story, I often got frustrated with her. Yes Alexandra, the female firefighter, was a kick-ass. She was impulsive, loud, mouthy, rather wild really; but she stroke me as quite judgy.

The hero of the story was not a perfect person despite his so drool-worthy appearance. Eli Cooper, the young and hot Mayor of Chicago, was a jaded Marines vet. Raised a city hero’s son, he later learned of his family murky past. Being a public figure and rallying for another election, he was conditioned to keep a tight lid on that issue.

And these, Eli’s not so clean and somewhat manipulative aspects, were what often causing the troubles in paradise. To which had me grit my teeth a couple of times. I mean, c’mon Alex. You knew early on how Eli was, what he was: a politician for crying out loud. There was no such a thing as pristine pure, no-sins politicians.

Alex was no saint too. Oh yes, her father and brother were heroes who perished doing heroic deed saving people. That was no excuse to be sanctimonious about others. Nobody’s perfect. Alex’s impulsiveness and stubbornness had left quite some mess to deal with (some told happened in previous book Flirting with Fire which I’ve yet to read), most of the blame she’s been throwing at Eli. Not very mature.

But I still like the heroine, because she owned up to her mistakes and took actions when needed. Not a milksop lady, Alexandra Dempsey was. And you know what they said when two imperfect souls met. They completed each other. Gah!

Other than engaging characters and smoldering and entertaining chemistry was how the story concluded. Something’s gotta give so the hottest couple of Chicago could start their happily ever after. That imperfect ending was what the tale perfect for me. *winks*

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