Finding Bigfoot: A sweet and delicate steps into a new promising relationship

Finding BigfootFinding Bigfoot by Kate Islay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A lovely story of young men taking delicate steps, sort of a GFY, into relationship.

Drew Romano was at that phase in his life where he felt he need to change course and start to focus on his future; he quit football to concentrate more on his study. Leigh Harper was his classmate in urban legend class. Thrown together for group project, Drew had to deal with his attraction to Leigh which he’d been having throughout the semester, while made decision for his academic course.

I like the flow of this story. The cautious way both guys approached the other, not sure what to expect, having this picture perfect illusions of the other and edgy of the response they’d get.
What Leigh said, “I’m usually a pretty good judge of people. Or so I’ve always thought. But so far I’ve been lousy with you.” and Drew’s line of “Isn’t that what you’re good at, though? The scary stuff, I mean. Standing up for what you want.” portrait their mutual hope and fear. They didn’t jump each other’s bones right away which made this a truly convincing start of a good HFN or even HEA. 🙂

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