Trying to catch up with my reading

Never imagine I would ever say this: I’m really exhausted from my reading. 😮

No no no, it’s not like I’m trying to finish my paper or anything. I’m talking about pure reading for my enjoyment. Heh.

Like a true book-hoarder that I am, I have my stash of yet to finish/to read/to open books, both in prints and electronics. As if that’s not enough, just a few days ago during the bloody Valentine’s Day, instead of going out, had a date or whatever, I spent it stalking some of the publishing house websites for great book discounts or even free ones. Quite a steal I had! 😉

But that didn’t change the fact that I’m still behind on my plan to read ALL the book before buying more. Who (what?) am I kidding. At the rate I’m going I’m gonna be too exhausted to even flip a page! Geh.