Dark Clouds over Anfield

I didn’t really watch the match this time, just followed it over a fellow kop live tweet and, of course, the LFCTV. To say I’m shocked with the defeat over Blackpool is an understatement. For a while, I was speechless. Inconsolable. This is just too much for me to bear. I can’t even open sport section lately for fear of seeing the depressing league table. And now this!!

When I had chance to watch the team play, I can’t really see what’s wrong. Oh, call me an amateur who know nothing of soccer and only watch the players instead of the game. Whatever! ¬†All I’m saying is that, they’re not really that bad. Really! I don’t say that because I love the club and never can find fault with them, no! I say they still play good football, though not their best. Their opponents so far have been more fortunate than them, though it gals me to say so.

And now, what will happen? Out of 7 times playing (1 win, 3 draws, 3 losses) with only 6 points, we’re only on 18th on the table. Eighteenth!! This cannot be good to the players mentality when us, the fans, feel beyond crushed.

To shout You Never Walk Alone over and over is no help at all to cure our pain. Some of us lost faith to Coach Hodgson already, most of us want Gillets and Hicks out. The cloud that has been shadowing now getting darker and darker. What worries me is that when it rains, it’s gonna be a torrid and heavy one!

Hang on there lads! As gutted and down we felt, we’re all behind you, supporting you no matter what. And finally, another cliche: You Never Walk Alone. In rains or thunder, really: You Never Walk Alone.

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